Acrylic signs are perfect for a wide range of uses which include advertising, communicating information and safety. You need your signs to be at the top of their game and the properties of acrylic are what make this possible.

Custom Acrylic Signs

The key properties of acrylic are:

  • Durability: Acrylic is a highly durable material and one which is particularly weather-proof. Therefore, it can withstand the rigours of sunlight and rain without the risk of damage. And, given that many signs are located outside, this makes acrylic the best material for withstanding the elements. 
  • Rigid and Strong: One of the most exciting properties of acrylic is its strength. With a higher impact strength than glass it is more than capable of taking knocks and bumps without the risk of shattering. Acrylic ensures that your sign can take significant strain, but remain capable of communicating your message. 
  • Easy to Work With: Acrylic is a flexible and lightweight material, so it’s possible to machine it in almost every way imaginable. So, when it comes to making signs, there are very few limits when it comes to potential designs. Therefore, you can let your mind off the creative leash and design an eye-catching sign which instantly engages anyone looking at it. 
  • Optical Clarity: Signs rely on their visual aesthetics and the foundation of this is the optical clarity at play. And acrylic has an optical clarity that surpasses even that of glass. Therefore, it’s possible to make signs of impressive thicknesses which do not restrict light. This property allows your signs to avoid visual disturbances such as cloudiness. And, as an added bonus, acrylic does not yellow with age and guarantees that your sign can remain looking fresh.

Business Signs in Acrylic

Acrylic is a versatile material and the benefits associated with it make it an ideal candidate for makings signs.

  • It can be hand cut or processed by machinery
  • A wide range of acrylic thicknesses for signs are available from 7mm and up to 100mm
  • Acrylic is available in a number of different colours which include clear, opaque and translucent options
  • Size is no barrier when it comes to acrylic signs and their integrity can be maintained over large areas

Acrylic Sign Printing

If you want to display a sign which is strong, bright and durable, acrylic is the perfect option.

For more information on custom acrylic signs to meet your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We also offer alternative board printing solutions which include Foamex printing and Correx boards.