There’s a door wrap available for every occasion

Printed Door Wraps

What Are Door Wraps and Why Are They so Popular?

Doors are constantly being pushed, pulled, slammed and bashed, so it’s no surprise that they can become damaged. Doors, of course, are solid objects and the damage incurred rarely affects the integrity of the door. But the cosmetic damage can result in an eyesore.

You could attempt to repair this damage, but the visible signs of these repairs would be just as noticeable. A much simpler solution is to reach for a door wrap.

What is a Door Wrap?

Not only can door wraps help to disguise the appearance of cosmetic damage such as scratches, but they can also lend a personalised edge to your doors

Printed Door Coverings

They’re remarkably simple. Essentially a full size sticker for your door, door wraps are mostly commonly made out of vinyl materials and are self-adhesive. All you need to do is remove the door wrap from its backing and carefully place over your existing door. The result is a revitalised door which looks as good as new.

There’s a door wrap available for every occasion and these include:

  • Traditional, wood panel door facades that blend in seamlessly with your surroundings
  • Quirky designs such as telephone box doors
  • Door wraps that double up as advertising posters

Innovative uses of icons to provide information e.g. male and female icons for toilet door

Benefits of a Door Graphics

Beyond looking great and revitalising damaged doors, door wraps have a number of key benefits:

  • Easy to Clean: The vinyl surface of a door wrap is incredibly easy to clean and can be wiped down in seconds to retain its quality finish. 
  • Variety: When it comes to door wraps there is an amazing variety available. As long as a design can be created then it can be printed. 
  • Durable: The durability of vinyl is a major advantage for door wraps. Whereas wooden and painted surfaces can easily scratch and chip, vinyl surfaces are much more resistant to such damage. 
  • Easy to Apply: Door wraps are very easy to apply and remove due to their semi-permanent glue backing. This makes fitting them considerably quicker than alternative options such as repainting or sanding down existing door surfaces.

How do you cover a door?

For more information on whether doors wraps are the right choice for you, or an overview of our full range, don’t hesitate to get in touch.