An amazing canvas for you to advertise your project to the world.

Construction Signage and Notices

Custom printed hoarding boards is at the top of the list when choosing the best way to secure new developments and construction sites. The digitally printed boards do more than create a fencing to keep your site safe from potential intruders. They double up as a great way to advertise the building project that is taking place behind the scenes. What’s more, you can offer the board space to other businesses to create extra revenue.

The perimeter fence of your construction site may feel as though it’s there simply to contain your project and promote safety, but it’s capable of much more. The reality is that it’s an amazing canvas for you to advertise your project to the world.

Taking sheets of either wood or aluminium composite material (ACM) and printing graphics directly onto these allows you to communicate all manner of information. These boards can then be used to adorn your site hoarding and maximise its value

Site Signage

Our single-sided hoarding boards come in two standard size (8ft x 4ft and 10ft x 5ft), however, we do however custom sizes are also available on request. The boards are made up of strong and extremely durable 3mm hoarding grade aluminium composite boards, making it both weather and rust-resistant. Each of our boards is printed and finished to the highest standard and we ensure this by using a high resolution digital print, which is applied directly to the board for a very vibrant and long-lasting finish. The boards can be protected further by adding one of three protective laminates.

Printed graphics are a fantastic method of advertising your project and have a number of benefits:

  • Variety of Finishes: There are a range of laminate options available for printed graphics for site hoarding. The most common options are: matt finish, gloss finish and, where graffiti is a potential problem, a high gloss anti-graffiti finish.


  • Durability: ACM is a highly durable material and has the ability to withstand the elements and, most importantly, is rust-resistant. These properties allow it to remain in place throughout the entirety of the project. And this consistency allows your message to be projected clearly and professionally at all times.


  • Custom Designs: The only limit to your printed graphics design is your imagination. Therefore you can create designs which are unique to your project and help it stand out. You may, for example, want the graphics to blend in with the local environment. Alternatively, you may want to advertise what the finished project will look like. Whatever your requirements are they can easily be achieved with printed graphics.


  • Promotion Potential: The most important aspect of printed graphics on site hoardings is to promote your project. The perimeter fence will always be a large space to fill, so the potential for promotion is huge. And a wide range of options are available.

Foamex printing and Correx sign boards

Printed graphics can help transform your site hoarding into a powerful advertising tool. And the benefits of working with materials such as ACM ensure that your message can be clearly conveyed to passing traffic.

For more information on how we can help with your hoarding needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch.