Pavement signs are one of the most effective and instantly recognisable forms of advertising available to retailers and they come in a wide variety to suit all needs.

Pavement Signs & Boards

You can find them on high streets, outside newsagents and on petrol station forecourts. And that’s only a small selection of the locations that pavement signs can be found.

A pavement sign is a dependable means of gaining noticed and encouraging new customers. Our eye-catching pavement signs can be seen across exhibition centres, car parks, airports, stations, education establishments, leisure and hospitality venues and are almost certainly to attract attention.

Various Types of Pavement Signs

Some of the most popular styles available include:

  • A-Frame Pavement Signs: Popular since the very early days of modern advertising, these traditional signs have frames made from four legs and a board either side. These boards can either have posters installed or, more traditionally, have a chalkboard base. 
  • Flexible Pavement Signs: Flexi signs are a more recent development in the world of pavement signs and take advantage of advances in print technology. Flexible signs, that typically contain printed graphics, fit into a sturdy base to help advertise businesses. 
  • Swing Pavement Signs: The wind is the natural enemy of signage, but protection is available when you select a swing pavement sign. The main panel, which will contain graphics and information, is hung from a central frame and can easily withstand strong winds.

All of these signs are available in a variety of materials. More traditional design techniques embrace wooden frames and chalkboards, but these have become less popular due to cheaper manufacturing processes. Therefore, the most common materials now employed are power coated aluminium and steel frames with the printed posters coming in either PVC or aluminium options.

Pavement Signage -What Do You Need to Bear in Mind?

To get the best pavement sign for your needs, two key things to consider are:

  • Versatility: It’s important to remember that certain pavement signs are more versatile than others. A chalkboard sign, for example, can have their contents changed as often as required. This is important if you’re advertising changing food menus throughout the week. 
  • Durability: Swinging pavement signs are the best option when it comes to durability as they can easily withstand the strains associated with strong winds. Likewise, aluminium and steel frames are much more suited to the occasional knock and bump as opposed to wooden frames which, in busy areas, are more likely to break. 

For more information on the best pavement signs for your business and an overview of options from our full range, don’t hesitate to get in touch.